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last day at 'Barberton citizen hospital'

I left with Tom in the morning to watch him doing surgery and I met Lauren again (: I saw different surgeries than the last time and again it was soooo interesting!! [by the way, I got to hold a uterus in my hand :D]

Volunteering was many crazy people this time^^


15.8.09 17:05

i got it // i got it// i got it //

I know how to waterski and how to wakeboard, FINALLY! :D

It took me like a thousand tries but now I finally got my butt out of the water and went around the lake (: It was soooo much fun and I was smiling all over my face 'till I realized that my swimsuit under my life-vest had disappeared :D So I was kinda naked but I was lucky because my life-vest covered everything...I had to laugh so hard while I went in circles around the lake but I didn't wanna let go, once that I was out of the water, no matter what :D :D :D :D

check: pictures --> waterski

15.8.09 16:58


"Do peaches need a haircut? 'cause if they would be on the tree forever i guess their hair would grow and grow...i wanna be a peaches-trimmer.." [Eva] 

"Why don't you just get dressed right here...let's go and put your swimsuit on.." [Tom - right in front of the hilton hotel] :D

"Dad, did you steal the neighbour's cactus again?"  [Eva]

"Jana, 'Flummi' is not the word for 'bouncy ball'....are you SERIOUS? I mean...'Flummi'...that's not a word"  [Tomi] :D

"Thaaa we're havin a pajama-party tonight"

" Shake your booooty,shake your boooooty honey" [Barbara]

"Hey Jana, all the big fish are waiting for you in the lake" [Tom]

"Jana, I really think that Kate Perry looks like you...I'm serious." [Zora]

"Do you mind if I smoke a candy-cigarette?" [Tomi]

"I'm going to the farm...I really have to shuffle a lot of Scheisse" [Barbara] :D

"Okay kids, get out and pack the tents together in the rain...I'll be waiting in the car till you're ready"  [Tom]

"Did you smoke dope or what's wrong with you Jana?" [Ervin]

"Jana you look so fuckin wasted, what did you do last night?" [Zora] "Don't think that you look better, check the mirror!" [me]

"Who ate all the chocolate?" [me]

"Is anybody hungry? I feel like we just ate.." [Tom] NOT!

"Can I have more cookie&cream ice-cream,please" [me]

9.8.09 22:22

Kelley's island

On Friday morning we left the lake house to go to "Kelley's island"...a tiny island at Lake go camping. Okay, this is the moment where I wanna give you a few seconds to laugh out loud because it was ME who went for a camping-trip...can you imagine? :D

After 2 hours we reached the fairy and after an additional hour we were on the island. The weather was nice and everybody was in a good mood. So, we went to the camping place to get our tents ready...that, actually, was soooo much fun because Eva chose the smallest tent I've ever seen :D I am still laughing when I'm thinking of this situation :D In the end Barbara+Tom had 1 tent, Tomi+me had 1 tent and Eva had her tiny tent :D [look at the picture:D].

We were bike riding around pretty much the whole island :D and so it wasn't surprising that my butt hurted after a few hours :D and it still does!!! [i can't sit anymore :D] after dinner we played minigolf and continued our 'adventure trip' around the island...we had soooo much fun! At the time we came back to the camping place we had 'smores' and I really really love smores, of course, because it contains chocolate :D Then it was time to go to 'bed' but still the fun continued...Tomi+me, we were a really good tent-team and we had a pyjama-party:D I can't even tell all the stories we we're laughing about so I just wanna let you know that I really enjoyed camping! Especially because there wasn't a thunderstorm at night, though the forecast said that it might come I was lucky! :D

The next morning we woke up and everything outside was wet...and it didn't look like it would stop raining for the whole day! So I went to the bathroom to get dressed and I realized that there weren't any doors for the toilets :D they just were around a corner...that was it:D okay so no 'morning-pee' for me :D just brushing teeth and getting dressed, that was it. We had breakfast at a pretty bad restaurant and after that we packed our stuff together because it was still raining like hell! We spent 1 hour at the library and of course we were riding our bikes because nothing can stop Tom to do any sports like this :D In the end, we were wet like we went for a swim :D and then we left in the afternoon 'cause there wasn't anything to do in the rain :/

On our way home Tom decided to stop at a hardware store to buy a tool for the farm...we were waiting in the car and he came back with a huuuuuge machine and I started laughing soooo hard :D 'cause the van was already packed with our bikes and all the camping stuff and there wasn't a single spot left at all....Of course Tom didn't think about that and so we had to put the machine in front of my seat which meant that I had to sit cross-leged for the following 1 hour on our way home....Now that I'm writing about this I really have to laugh because it was so typical for Tom, it really was!

Well, so we came home on Saturday in the evening...pretty much everything wet and my underwear was still wet after the bike-rides :D oh I forgot to mention that I was wearing a white shirt in the rain...[no other explanations necessary, i guess] :D

I really can confirm that we had a great time on Kelley's island, even if it was just for 2 days and even if the weather was really bad on our 2nd day....but we didn't care.

I'm gonna miss little Tomi when I'm back in Germany :/

check: pictures --> Kelley's island
9.8.09 21:51

World Golf Championship

- at Firestone Country Club in Akron/Ohio -

...and OF COURSE we were there! [including VIP tickets :D]

It was kinda fun actually, ' cause we went there on thursday and after parking we had to go through 'security'....just because we wanted to watch Tiger Woods and all the other guys playing golf! So, there weren't any purses, cameras or cell-phones allowed...too funny!no wonder why it's always so unbelievable quiet when you're watching a golf tournament on TV...:D Anyway, I saw Tiger Woods...jihaaa...he was playing so close to me, I could have touched him

So we had a fun day on Thursday at Firestone Country Club and the cookies at the 'Akron General hospital'tent were so yummie

9.8.09 21:18

[something special]

I felt so empty but now I'm fine. 

Too much of the same stories in our lifes.                              

I think it's time for change,don't you?                                  

Too much of the same stories in our lifes.                              

I think it's time for us to walk away from here.              

Stories in our lifes we keep them all inside.                          

No need to stay, let's look for something new...


9.8.09 20:48

another friday in Akron...

I got up very early this morning 'cause I had to leave with Tom to go to work: another volunteer day!

Because there was no other way to get to the hospital, I went with Tom and I was allowed to watch him doing surgery again. This time it was much bigger than the last time before we went to California...I met the medical student 'Lauren' and she showed me how to geht dressed. After a few minutes I was ready: dressed in new shoes, new shirt, new pants, a cover on my hair, a protective mask in front of my nose and mouth...and I was sooo excited to see all this interesting stuff (: So here we go, a little desinfection for my hands and then I was observing in room 1 how Tom was doing a little surgery at a women. There was not sooooo much blood (:D) but it was interesting though After that I hang out with Lauren in the 'physicians lounge'  and we ate all that stuff that was supposed to be for the physicians, but whooo cares :D I saw three more surgeries and than I had to start my volunteer-thing in the emergency-room, what was kinda boring compared to the surgery stuff. [by the way: I really looked good with my surgery-dress:D]

At 3 p.m. Tom,Eva+Tomi picked me up and we went out for Lunch to "Dietz's" 'cause Barbara was still at work. So after that, there wasn't much for me to do as they left real quick to go to the farm ['cause the horse is coming tomorrow and there are still a few things that need to be fixed] so I decided to take the Kajak out and started my 2nd experiment to kajak :D It worked out much better than it did few days ago but still I did too many unintended turns and I still have no idea why :D This really worked me out but I did some additional exercise for 30 minutes after kajaking for 20 minutes...yeah! I gonna be reeeeally sporty :D...NOT! But there's no way out...I really DO have to do exercise because after I came back from California [where I was just wearing shorts and stuff], I realized that there are not many pants left that I really fit in... :D Might be kinda funny but actually I really don't like it and that's the reason why I started exercising every day! [and I did it every day the last week!so better be proud...:D]

Well, so now I'm sitting on the couch and I'm glad that my Internet is connected for more than 5 minutes and I'm wondering about myself how easy it is to me to type all that stuff here in english...I do not even really have to think about just comes out :D And I guess Tim can tell that I really do not know how to speak german in a good way anymore :D There are so many words missing :D but who cares

Though I did so much sports today, I do not really feel pretty tired at all but there's no way of watching a movie 'cause Tom did something funny with the TV-wire and no nothing is working at all :D So I might finish my 4th book tonight (: [can you imagine - ME reading 4 books in 8 weeks? :D:D:Dthaha]

That's all for today (: I'll write back in a little (:

1.8.09 03:29

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