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"Do peaches need a haircut? 'cause if they would be on the tree forever i guess their hair would grow and grow...i wanna be a peaches-trimmer.." [Eva] 

"Why don't you just get dressed right here...let's go and put your swimsuit on.." [Tom - right in front of the hilton hotel] :D

"Dad, did you steal the neighbour's cactus again?"  [Eva]

"Jana, 'Flummi' is not the word for 'bouncy ball'....are you SERIOUS? I mean...'Flummi'...that's not a word"  [Tomi] :D

"Thaaa we're havin a pajama-party tonight"

" Shake your booooty,shake your boooooty honey" [Barbara]

"Hey Jana, all the big fish are waiting for you in the lake" [Tom]

"Jana, I really think that Kate Perry looks like you...I'm serious." [Zora]

"Do you mind if I smoke a candy-cigarette?" [Tomi]

"I'm going to the farm...I really have to shuffle a lot of Scheisse" [Barbara] :D

"Okay kids, get out and pack the tents together in the rain...I'll be waiting in the car till you're ready"  [Tom]

"Did you smoke dope or what's wrong with you Jana?" [Ervin]

"Jana you look so fuckin wasted, what did you do last night?" [Zora] "Don't think that you look better, check the mirror!" [me]

"Who ate all the chocolate?" [me]

"Is anybody hungry? I feel like we just ate.." [Tom] NOT!

"Can I have more cookie&cream ice-cream,please" [me]

9.8.09 22:22

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