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another friday in Akron...

I got up very early this morning 'cause I had to leave with Tom to go to work: another volunteer day... weiterlesen
1.8.09 03:29

[something special]

I felt so empty but now I'm fine. Too much of the same stories in our lifes.   &... weiterlesen
9.8.09 20:48

World Golf Championship

- at Firestone Country Club in Akron/Ohio -...and OF COURSE we were there! [including VIP tickets :... weiterlesen
9.8.09 21:18

Kelley's island

On Friday morning we left the lake house to go to "Kelley's island"...a tiny island at Lake Erie...t... weiterlesen
9.8.09 21:51


"Do peaches need a haircut? 'cause if they would be on the tree forever i guess their hair woul... weiterlesen
9.8.09 22:22

i got it // i got it// i got it //

I know how to waterski and how to wakeboard, FINALLY! :D weiterlesen
15.8.09 16:58

last day at 'Barberton citizen hospital'

I left with Tom in the morning to watch him doing surgery and I met Lauren again (: I saw different ... weiterlesen
15.8.09 17:05


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