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California #5

I spent the following night at Andrea's and on monday there wasn't much to do for me at all. So we played "Rockband" a thousand times and had fun in the pool. In the evening we went to the movies to watch "Harry Potter" was o.k, though the movie was very long and I'm just not into all that Harry Potter stuff. But anyway, on Tuesday (21.Juli) we went to Disneyland and had a great time there [Andrea,Lane, LeeAnn, me, Barbara, Tomi, Eva, Linda, Ildiko] On wednesday I decided to do some exercise because I definitely had too much junk-food, cake and ice-creams the last I swam a few laps in the pool and did some sit-ups :D In the afternoon it was time to pack my suitcase again 'cause I had to go back to Linda's, where I will spend now my last few days in california Kristof picked me up and we met some of his friends and had a kinda "small private electro-party" Thursday: We did not much today...just hangin' out and I got a bunch of new songs from Kristof for my ipod In the evening we left to go to this kinda electronic-club and I had the party of my life! American girls are so fuckin' stupid and bitchy! :D The music was awesome, even if there weren't too many people. We left at like 2a.m., which is kinda late for american clubs in california :D (Can you imagine this in Germany? :D) But anyway the party was very good and it felt so good to feel free to dance because it wasn't crowded, though the "european dancestyle" is totally different from the way the girls used to dance here! Can you imagine Krisse+me in America???THAHAHAHA...NOT! :D Friday:Today we had to get up early 'cause we wanted to go to Huntington Beach to watch the "US-open of surfing" and a friend of Kristof's got VIP-tickets for us so we were lucky It was very crowded but I liked just to watch all those people out there! Wow, there were so many fuckin' hot people! So we walked around (Kristof,Scott and me) and we watched a BMX-contest, a skateboard-contest and of course the surf contst The waves were so big this week! It was so much fun to see all the guys surfin' Now, I'm sitting on the couch and I'm sooo tired 'cause I didn't have much sleep last night and it was so hot today at the beach. So, I guess I will just pick out a movie and watch it, lying in bed, so that I can fall asleep whenever I want to
25.7.09 19:07

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