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Kelley's island

On Friday morning we left the lake house to go to "Kelley's island"...a tiny island at Lake go camping. Okay, this is the moment where I wanna give you a few seconds to laugh out loud because it was ME who went for a camping-trip...can you imagine? :D

After 2 hours we reached the fairy and after an additional hour we were on the island. The weather was nice and everybody was in a good mood. So, we went to the camping place to get our tents ready...that, actually, was soooo much fun because Eva chose the smallest tent I've ever seen :D I am still laughing when I'm thinking of this situation :D In the end Barbara+Tom had 1 tent, Tomi+me had 1 tent and Eva had her tiny tent :D [look at the picture:D].

We were bike riding around pretty much the whole island :D and so it wasn't surprising that my butt hurted after a few hours :D and it still does!!! [i can't sit anymore :D] after dinner we played minigolf and continued our 'adventure trip' around the island...we had soooo much fun! At the time we came back to the camping place we had 'smores' and I really really love smores, of course, because it contains chocolate :D Then it was time to go to 'bed' but still the fun continued...Tomi+me, we were a really good tent-team and we had a pyjama-party:D I can't even tell all the stories we we're laughing about so I just wanna let you know that I really enjoyed camping! Especially because there wasn't a thunderstorm at night, though the forecast said that it might come I was lucky! :D

The next morning we woke up and everything outside was wet...and it didn't look like it would stop raining for the whole day! So I went to the bathroom to get dressed and I realized that there weren't any doors for the toilets :D they just were around a corner...that was it:D okay so no 'morning-pee' for me :D just brushing teeth and getting dressed, that was it. We had breakfast at a pretty bad restaurant and after that we packed our stuff together because it was still raining like hell! We spent 1 hour at the library and of course we were riding our bikes because nothing can stop Tom to do any sports like this :D In the end, we were wet like we went for a swim :D and then we left in the afternoon 'cause there wasn't anything to do in the rain :/

On our way home Tom decided to stop at a hardware store to buy a tool for the farm...we were waiting in the car and he came back with a huuuuuge machine and I started laughing soooo hard :D 'cause the van was already packed with our bikes and all the camping stuff and there wasn't a single spot left at all....Of course Tom didn't think about that and so we had to put the machine in front of my seat which meant that I had to sit cross-leged for the following 1 hour on our way home....Now that I'm writing about this I really have to laugh because it was so typical for Tom, it really was!

Well, so we came home on Saturday in the evening...pretty much everything wet and my underwear was still wet after the bike-rides :D oh I forgot to mention that I was wearing a white shirt in the rain...[no other explanations necessary, i guess] :D

I really can confirm that we had a great time on Kelley's island, even if it was just for 2 days and even if the weather was really bad on our 2nd day....but we didn't care.

I'm gonna miss little Tomi when I'm back in Germany :/

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